Ready, Steady, GO to the Magna Carta Day Fair

Preparations are in full swing for the 1st Egham (United Church of Egham) Scout Group stall at the Magna Carta Day fair in Egham High Street on Saturday 14th June 2014. A wide selection of hand made cakes and sweets will be available for purchase from members of the 1st Egham Beaver colony and Cub pack.

We remain optimistic for good weather, given the drenching we got at the Egham Christmas Fair!

It’s been quiet around here

But that doesn’t mean we’ve not been busy!

Firstly, we’ve been drying out from the Egham Christmas Fair, which was a great day for fund-raising and raising the profile of our group within the local community, We raised over £200 from all the cakes, sweets and goodies we had.

In addition to this, our Cub pack has been growing in numbers with new starters and several of our Beavers moving up, whilst our Beaver pack goes from strength to strength.

Cubs: Remaining Autumn Programme

Below are the details of the remaining activities that we have in the schedule for our Cubs through to the Christmas holidays – we’ll post more details here as they should come up!




Friday 15/11/2013

District Night Hike

More details here

Friday 22/11/2013

Regular Cub Meeting

United Church of Egham Hall

Friday 29/11/2013

Regular Cub Meeting

United Church of Egham Hall

Friday 06/12/2013

Regular Cub Meeting

United Church of Egham Hall

Friday 13/12/2013

Regular Cub Meeting

United Church of Egham Hall

Friday 20/12/2013

Regular Cub Meeting

United Church of Egham Hall

Cubs: Night Hike – Friday 15th November

It’s that time of year again when Cub packs from across Runnymede convene for their night hike.

This year, we’ll be convening at The Victoria Pub, 427 Woodham Lane, Woodham, Surrey, KT15 3QE.

1st Egham will be setting off from here at 7pm prompt.

We anticipate the hike lasting approximately 2 hours – but please note that this is an estimate, as we’re as fast as the slowest Cub!

Please ensure your child has the following on (or with) them:

  • Torch (fully charged!)
  • Plastic bag (we may collect items en-route!)
  • Rugged footwear (no trainers!)
  • Warm clothing

Active Kids Vouchers

Just a very quick update to say an enormous thank you to the friends and family of 1st Egham in collecting a fantastic


The leaders are reviewing the catalogue of goods that are available and we’ll make some early decisions about what we get – any surplus will then be banked for next year!

An enormous thank you to everyone supporting 1st Egham – it makes all the difference.

District Camp Information

District Camp is now less than one week away, so here’s the definitive information all parents need to know.

Dropping off your Cub

All Cubs should arrive on Friday 28th June between 18:00-19:00 in FULL UNIFORM.

Cubs are to be dropped off at Walking Bottom car park, Peaslake, GU5 9RR. (map)

On arrival at the parking site, please follow the instructions of the parking marshals.
Kit will be transported to the camp-site by vehicle for the Cubs.
Once all of 1st Egham is present, we’ll walk up to the camp site (a 10 minute stroll).

Collecting your Cub

Cubs should be collected from Walking Bottom car park on Sunday 30th June between 14:00 – 15:00.

Activities during the weekend

Come on – you don’t think we’re going to tell you beforehand do you!


There’ll be a “tuck shop” open over the weekend, so we’ll leave it to your discretion how much they have on them. (Please do spare a thought for the leaders – if the Cubs are pumped full of sugar, they’re more of a handful!)


All activities will go ahead no matter what the weather (unless it’s deemed dangerous).
Also, there’s a high likelihood of getting muddy / dirty – so leave any designer clothing at home!

For what to put in your Cubs kit bag, please refer to our “Camping Kit List” page.

Permissions Form(s)

If you’ve not already completed a permission slip – please emal to get a copy which must be handed in when dropping off your Cub.

If no permission form has been completed, you will be asked to take your Cub home.

19th May – Church Parade

On Sunday 19th May, 1st Egham Cubs will be in attendance at the Pentecost Sunday service at the United Church of Egham, along with the Guides and Brownies.

The service will commence at 11am, and will conclude at 12:15.

It would be fantastic to have a good showing of Cubs for this event, so please do come along (as always, parents are more than welcome to stay for tthe service if they’d like to).

Football Practice – 3rd & 10th May

Friday 3rd and Friday 10th May will see 1st Egham Cubs take to the Manorcrofts playing fields (adjacent to Egham Railway Station) for some football practice, ahead of the District football competition on Friday 17th May.

Given the unpredictability of the English weather, if it’s raining at 4pm on either Friday 3rd or Friday 10th, we’ll meet in the United Church of Egham hall.

We’ll meet at Manorcrofts playing fields at 7pm as per usual, and Cubs should be collected from there at 8:30. Please dress your Cub appropriately – we’ll be getting them to run around, so t-shirts under their Cub jumpers and trainers (or similar) on their feet! (If your child is wearing studded football boots, please ensure one of the leaders is made aware!)

Cubs are welcome to bring their own footballs, but will be responsible for making sure they have it at the end of the evening.

Please complete the permission slip below for the Football Practice. (Please add “Event Title” as “Football Practice” and “Event Date” as “03-05-2013 & 10-05-2013”)

Permissions Form – Blank