Football Practice – 3rd & 10th May

Friday 3rd and Friday 10th May will see 1st Egham Cubs take to the Manorcrofts playing fields (adjacent to Egham Railway Station) for some football practice, ahead of the District football competition on Friday 17th May.

Given the unpredictability of the English weather, if it’s raining at 4pm on either Friday 3rd or Friday 10th, we’ll meet in the United Church of Egham hall.

We’ll meet at Manorcrofts playing fields at 7pm as per usual, and Cubs should be collected from there at 8:30. Please dress your Cub appropriately – we’ll be getting them to run around, so t-shirts under their Cub jumpers and trainers (or similar) on their feet! (If your child is wearing studded football boots, please ensure one of the leaders is made aware!)

Cubs are welcome to bring their own footballs, but will be responsible for making sure they have it at the end of the evening.

Please complete the permission slip below for the Football Practice. (Please add “Event Title” as “Football Practice” and “Event Date” as “03-05-2013 & 10-05-2013”)

Permissions Form – Blank

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