Camping Kit Checklist

With the camping season fast approaching, don’t get caught out trying to get kit items at the very last minute.


(Beavers, Cubs & Scouts should pack their own bag, with the help of a friendly grown up. This is so they know where their toothbrush is!)

All kit should be bought in a suitable rucksack or kit bag. No Scout should arrive with their belongings in plastic bags, bin sacks or “bags for life”. All Scouts must be able to transport their kit bag from the car park to our camp without assistance.

3 day Camp Kit List

  • Complete uniform (to be worn on arrival and departure)
    • Plastic bag to keep this clean & dry
  • 1 wire coat hanger
  • Sleeping bag, pillow and a camp blanket.
  • Roll mat (no air beds)
    We recommend the new style self Inflating mattress type
  • Pyjamas (long sleeve and long legs)
  • Bed socks – nights can be quite chilly
  • Teddy bear (Scouts too!)
  • Soap, flannel, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb – all in a named bag (fabric, please, not a plastic carrier bag)
  • Plate & bowl & cup
  • Cutlery (knife, fork & spoon)
  • Water bottle (refillable)
  • 1 bath towel (it might get used!)
  • Waterproof coat or cagoule
  • Wellington boots (in a plastic carrier bag)
  • 2 pairs of shoes. We recommend 1 pair of plimsolls or trainers and 1 pair of hiking / sturdy boots ((in case the weather turns bad) (This is in addition to those worn with uniform)
  • 3 T-Shirts (including 1 long sleeve)
  • 1 pairs of shorts
  • 2 pairs of trousers or tracksuit bottoms (not jeans)
  • 2 Sweatshirts/Jumpers
  • 4 pairs of socks and pants (some will get lost in the tent muddle)
  • Sun hat (Sunscreen if you prefer to supply your own, however it must be labelled)
  • Sunglasses
  • Tissues / Handkerchiefs
  • Torch (fitted with new batteries please)
  • A book or comic to read in quiet moments.
  • A couple of empty carrier bags for wet/dirty clothes
  • Tea towel (yes, someone needs to dry up after each meal time)
  • If it looks appropriate, Thermal undergarments may also be packed

Important Notes

EVERYTHING should be clearly named / labelled and in a named rucksack or holdall.

ANY medicines to be named and clearly labelled with instructions, and handed to a leader on arrival without exception.

Please do not bring any items that are new, valuable or precious – it is highly likely they’ll get damaged, dirty or lost!

All Cubs must arrive, and will depart, in full uniform and Scarf

Please do not allow your child to bring computer games, mobile phones, tablet computers, radio / CD / MP3 players, aerosols, matches, lighters or penknives. Anything of this nature will be confiscated when found and we will not take responsibility for it’s safekeeping or safe return.

Equipment Notes

Here is some basic information regarding some of the items you may require / should be aware of.

  • Sleeping Bags
    Synthetic filled bags are easier to clean than natural filling.
    Zips can be a source of cold if no baffle is fitted.
    Summer sleeping bags are not suitable as nights are always chilly on camp.
    Go for a 300gsm minimum rating if possible.
  • Bed Rolls
    Suggest the new style self inflating mattress.
  • Footwear
    Trainer shoes for field games.
    Boots give a better ankle support and normally have better soles than shoes if you are hiking.
  • Warm Wear
    A number of layers is warmer than one thick one and the warmth can be regulated more easily – do not forget your hands and head.
  • Torch
    Do not pack your torch with batteries fitted (or at the bottom of your kit) as it could easily get accidentally turned on and you will arrive at the camp/holiday with flat batteries.
  • Camera
    Do record you sleepover if you have a camera.
    Expensive cameras are, however, not recommended.
  • Jewellery
    Earrings, nose rings, and other decorative jewellery are NOT recommended on camps and activities.
  • Lights out and behaviour:
    • Should you son / daughter have any sleep issue i.e bed wetting, sleep walking or night mares please advise your section Leader. This will be dealt with in confidence and should a matter arise will be dealt with the utter most discretion.
    • We will have no option but to contact parent/s and request that their son / daughter is collected during the camp over should their behaviour be deemed inappropriate and lack consideration for others present.