Active Kids Vouchers

It’s time to start collecting again!

Last year, you managed to collect 5,874 vouchers, which was superb, but this year, we want EVEN MORE!

So, please tell your friends, neighbours, relatives and colleagues to collect the vouchers and then put them in the collecting box in the Church. (Please make sure it’s the one marked “1st Egham” – there’s more than 1 in the Church!)

Active Kids Vouchers

Just a very quick update to say an enormous thank you to the friends and family of 1st Egham in collecting a fantastic


The leaders are reviewing the catalogue of goods that are available and we’ll make some early decisions about what we get – any surplus will then be banked for next year!

An enormous thank you to everyone supporting 1st Egham – it makes all the difference.

Active Kids Vouchers – 1st milestone reached

After only a couple of weeks, you’ve already collected and donated 1,000 Active Points vouchers, which is FABULOUS.

We’re still a little way off getting the equipment we so desperately want, so please keep collecting – and don’t forget to ask friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

And remember …

more vouchers = more equipment


more equipment = more fun